Combining the DURABILITY of Acrylic & the ELASTICITY of GEL NAILS

Our Poly Gel Training Course is fantastic for any enhancement trained Nail Tech to move their skills forward and offer their clients the newest products on the market.

299 (inc kit)

pay monthly available


8 hours


and insured

299 (inc kit)

Pay monthly available


8 hours

Fully Accredited

and insured

This course is fantastic for any enhancement trained nail tech to move skills forward and offer the newest products to the market. Poly gel was inspired by a desire to create a product that keeps everything a nail tech likes about acrylic and hard gel systems while removing the aspects they don’t like.

Poly Gel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel but the lightest feeling enhancement on the natural nail.

Poly Gel Provides:

  • No smelling monomers, no mixing, no waste.
  • Unlimited play time so you can work as slow as you wish.
  • Poly gel stays put until you move it.
  • Will only harden when cured in LED or UV lamp.  It’s an exceptional products to work with.

You will be trained in overlay & tip work, cuticle tidy, Poly gel.

Learn how to manage clients expectations, how to balance the apex, the dimensions of the apex depending on the length wanted, where the apex sits, how to file and refine the enhancement and how to use the products on the natural nail.

You will also leave with the perfect kit to get you started using all LK products.

Kit contains:

1 x pH bond, base gel, Super shiny top coat, 1 x 50ml of Poly gel, 1 x slip solution, LK poly gel brush, Tips, 

Tip cutters, Glue, Files, Dappen dish.

After this course you can move onto our sculpting course.

Lunch is included on the day.

After training you will be added to the Lisa Kon Support page.

All courses are fully accredited by TowerGate.


We have training academies throughout the UK and also offer in-salon training. 

  • Devon
  • Midlands
  • Somerset
  • Manchester
  • Dorset
  • Cornwall
  • Hampshire