Take the LAST STEP in your JOURNEY to Create 100%

Our Russian Manicure Training Course is the end of the journey for Nail Techs who want to provide absolute flawlessness from day one of their client's new nail service.

350 Group

1on1 - £75 p/h


Whole day


and insured

350 Group

1on1 - £75 p/h


Whole day

Fully Accredited

and insured

The end of the journey! Lisa Kon’s Russian manicure training is the last step in your journey to 100% flawless nails.

Classes are taught 1on1 or in a group.

1to1 – Training £75 an hour – Balance invoiced after training,

Group price is £350 per student.

You will learn all Lisa’s secrets to create the most amazing service your clients have ever received, 

  • How to clean all dead tissue from under the proximity fold,
  • Cause no damage to live tissue,
  • How to remove all non living tissue from the proximity fold in one piece.
  • Create the perfect apex using her rubber bases.
  • How to tuck the gel colour just underneath the proximity fold, so there’s no regrowth for up to two weeks.
  • Float the top coat so it looks like glass.
  • Trouble shooting and after care.

Kit contains:

2 x E-file cuticle removal heads

2 x Product removal heads

You must of held a E-file qualification for no less than 6 months to undertake this course – proof will be required.

Lunch is included on the day.

You will be added to the Lisa Kon support page after training.

All courses are fully accredited by TowerGate.


We have training academies throughout the UK and also offer in-salon training. 

  • Devon
  • Midlands
  • Somerset
  • Manchester
  • Dorset
  • Cornwall
  • Hampshire